Why Study in Australia?

Australia is a coolest multi-cultural country in the world. It has built rich harmony of communities to live in peace and has high quality standards. The education in Australia can be counted as one among the best in the world. Australia has listed as most livable country. It has got globally approved universities. The 7 Australian Universities are recognized as top universities among 200 of the world. The Australian education system is very practical and it concentrates on bringing up the best through making students develop through thinking and problem solving skills. Whether it’s a business school, arts school or university, all of them give you nothing but the quality and standard education.

The benefit of studying in Australia is, a student can get work visa for 4 years after they finish their graduation. If you are planning to settle in abroad after you finish your education, then choose Australia.

Intakes in Australia:

Usually Australia has intakes in the month of February and July. Nevertheless, some universities also offer intakes in September and November. While universities take 4-5 weeks to process an application, students should apply 7-8 weeks prior to the intake.

Cost of Study:

Australia offers quality education in universities. Coming to the cost of study in Australia, the cost for Bachelor’s degree ranges from AU$ 15,000 to Au$33,000 per annum. For Post Graduation, it varies from AU$20,000 to AU$37,000. Although the study cost is comparatively high, it matches the standards of education.

Career and Lifestyle

Weather Conditions:

The climate in Australia is commonly calm. The greater part of the nation gets over 3,000 hours of daylight a year. However, being an immense continent in its inside, numerous zones are described by specific atmosphere conditions as per their scope. Additionally being Australia in the southern half of the globe seasons are totally switched, with Christmas in mid-summer, etc. Summer is from December to March with normal temperature 29 ° C, while winter from June to August with normal 13 ° C.


Accommodation inside the campus may be difficult in some cases as there be strict restriction. Expenses will differ contingent upon which college you choose. But, there are plenty of options for off campus accommodation with good multi-cultural foods and traditions in all parts of the country. All kinds of conveniences will be available. Transports, Trains, self- driving cars, taxis are the mainstream method of transport. The everyday costs incorporate nourishment, Entertainment, household and global travel, phone and internet expenses that come under budget.

Work Opportunities:

Almost all foreign students in Australia will find work. All kinds of casual jobs, hospitality jobs in the country give students a reasonable and enough pay. These work opportunities while studying will give you lot of exposure that helps you to work after study. With low maintenance work you can take care of the expense of accommodation, study and transportation. Ordinarily students work in bistros, bars, inns and in the travel industry area. However, there are no confinements and student can work whenever work is available.

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