Why study in Canada?

Are you thinking to pursue higher studies in abroad and not sure where togo? Then, Canada could be your choice. Now-a-days, Canada has been most sought-after destination to study master’s degree in abroad. Canada is world’s second largest country so are the opportunities. The universities in Canada are known for their high-quality teaching and education techniques. Right from top universities till the normal colleges, Canadian educational institutes are keen on providing research based education.Apart from all this, Canada is the safest country for international students unlike other countries. Also, the gender equality and belief in human rights can make your life go easy in Canada.

Intakes in Canada:

In Canada the intakes for universities and colleges are different.

Intakes for Universities:

Fall: September (Primary intake)
Winter: January (Secondary intake, only a few universities go for it)

Intakes for Colleges:

Canadian colleges usually have 3 intakes in a year. January, May and September are the intakes.

Study Cost and Scholarship:

The study cost in Canada range from CAD $10,000 to CAD $20,000 Per annum. However, comparatively, Canada offers affordable education. Although, the scholarships in Canada are limited, the merit students can anyways find one. Scholarship, fellowship are based on academic performance. Also, for tuition fees, student doesn’t need to fill any separate forms as the college provides it based upon the merit for all the merit students.

Career and Lifestyle in Canada

Career opportunities:

If you are thinking that Canada has less career opportunities then you are wrong. There is a myth in many of us that USA has more career chances than in Canada. The truth is that, although USA has more internship, jobs than in Canada, the pools of applicants in USA are also high. Since the applicants in Canada will be less, there is high scope to reach your dream job. So there is a guarantee for career in Canada.

Cost Factor:

Right from education till the cost of living in Canada, everything will be comparatively affordable. If you are willing to finish your higher studies in a friendly budget, Canada will be the right choice. Also, you can find accommodation in your budget. You can lead a healthy lifestyle at CAD $10,000 to CAD $20,000 per annum.

Immigration friendly:

Although, everyone will have different perceptions on this point, we personally consider that Canada has friendly immigration. Finding the right college, visa and immigration will go smooth and easy if you opt education in Canada.

Weather conditions:

The one aspect Canada troubles you is its weather conditions. Especially for Indians, winters will be a nightmare. Winters in Canada are horribly cold. Most of the time, the temperature in Canada will be in negative.

Work Permit:

In Canada, you will have hassle-free work permit. According to the Post Graduation Work Permit Program, Canada provides work permit for 2 years along with the study program. After completion of your education you can also get 2 years to 3 years of work permit. Isn’t it cool? Moreover, you can probably get a Permanent Residence (PR) Status in Canada during your work time.

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