Though notary affidavit for applying visa is simple, it is not familiar to many people. Affidavit is nothing but a notary showing the financial status of theĀ  student and the available funds. It takes less time but needs the right guidance.

Visa Processing

Visa application and processing procedures depends on type of the visa and country you are choosing. First of all you need to check the requirements of visa application. After application you need to follow various steps for documentation process. It involves so many stages. Moreover, do you know how to perform in the visa training interview? It is one very important step. Right from applying to attending visa interview, you need to have an expert guidance. We will help you through the following process


  • Visa application
  • Sevis processing
  • Date scheduling
  • Filling Ds-160 for visa
  • Visa Interview Training
  • CA/CE reports for Visa
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