United States of America is a destination for all ambitious students.  It offers a peerless scope for students from all streams. Combined with an economy that requires new ability consistently, it is the perfect goal for students hoping to study and make an actual existence after graduation. ADWIZE offers legitimate help students who need to study in the US. Our belief of the US training system and tremendous involvement with its visa procedure make us your finest option to think about studying in USA.

Why study in USA?

The United States of America has the biggest number of abroad students on the planet. There are reasons why a lot of students run to the US. It includes a high scope of opportunities Also, the multicultural milieu, adaptive educational modules and, great career chances are pros of USA. Some of the positive traits of studying in USA include

  • Energetic and enthusiastic grounds of life
  • Divergence variety of culture
  • Adaptable education
  • Excellent supportive network for abroad students.

Intakes in USA

USA has 3 intakes. Usually, most of the students apply in fall intake believing that there are higher chances for admission. Although, it is true, there are many universities offer admissions whole year. With ADWIZE, you don’t need to worry about intakes because it’s our job to guide you further. However, the 3 intakes in USA are Spring- January and February, Summer- April and May, Fall- August and September.

Study Cost

The study cost in USA varies based on the university and cities. Also, the fee structure varies between private and public universities. In general, the public university fee ranges from 10,000$ to 15,000$ per year. However, the private university fee ranges in between 15000$ to 30,000$ per year.

Career and Lifestyle in USA


Right from the on campus accommodation till living independently with the known peer group, USA has got all of it. If a student opts to choose on campus stay, then they can build good student community. However, the general home-stays and paying guest facilities will also be available. They usually cost around 800$ to 1000$. No worries, the university students association will help new comers to find the right place.


There are different types of scholarships that a student can get in USA. However, student performance is the main criteria to get any of these scholarships. Look at the different scholarships where you can excel and get funding

  • Fellowship Scholarship
  •  Sports Scholarship
  • Graduate Assistantship Scholarship

While fellowship scholarship is given to those students with good competence and academic performance, graduate assistantship scholarship is for those who assist in teaching or research. Sports scholarship  is for the students who show their performance as an athlete.

Career opportunities:

Since USA is the innovative country, you will find plenty of career opportunities. Once after you finish your education, you can find number of job openings in America. Also, as a student, you can always find a right part-time job in any part of the country. There is always a great demand for talent in USA.

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